So here we go, new blog post on a new site, still working out the kinks, but hey, I’m going for it!

Say hello to a work in progress.

One goal of this new site was to move from my former business name, Spirited Earth Studio, as that name and brand don’t quite fit who I am now, what I’m doing now… and moving to my own name, I am, me and all…

Another goal of this new site was to pare down the image categories, you know put the work out there that I want to do, and no matter how hard I try I just can’t not have my personal work up there with the commercial stuff. Hopefully those viewing (that’s you guys) will enjoy what you see and find what you need.

I’ve listened to a lot of photographers who are great at business say, “find a way to quickly convey what you do”, that just saying you are a photographer, isn’t distinctive enough. And while I agree with this, I ponder my own life, as an artist, as a photographer and find that I am that, a photographer.

A photographer with an eye for beauty in many things, an artist who can create environmental portraits or style the heck out of a cupcake and other edibles. These are the things that people hire me to do and all that other fun, the iPhone images, the street photography are the things I do for me, and maybe, just maybe you might see some of these images hanging on a wall, somewhere, sometime…

That’s it for now, thanks for reading!