While I was on the road I was doing quick edits and blogging along the way as I wanted to have notes, thoughts on the places and moments. Now that I am home from the trip and things are a bit more sedate, I’m slowly working through my images, finding more and more faves and playing about with some creative, dramatic post (in some cases).

With the images below, I use a combination of Adobe Lightroom 3 and Nik Silver Efex for processing. I love Lightroom for the simple yet powerful tool that it is. There are loads of presets that you can use as starting points and add to, or you can create your own presets. You can control levels and curves and cropping and noise, it’s a joy to work in and so easy to lose hours in. 🙂

What I like about Nik Silver Efex are the deeper, sometimes grungier, textured effects available, again, pre-sets to start with and build on. Heck you can even add film texture to an image, have a fave black and white film? It might be available, add to that you can adjust the level and size of grain. Imagine that, we have fancy digital cameras and we take those shiny sharp images and make them look like the good old days :).

Anyhow, the three images below were taken somewhere in Oregon, heading back to Washington, on the last day of a two week journey.

the road.

the road.

the field, near the road.

2 thoughts on “the road, in oregon, in black and white.

  1. I love your B&W images, have you printed these yet?

  2. Hi Clifford!

    No, I haven’t printed these yet, come to think of it I haven’t printed much from this trip. That is a good idea!! 🙂

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