a year in iPhoneography

As 2011 wraps, my iPhoneography image a day project wraps too. I have managed for another year to create an image a day with my trusty iPhone. It’s been a lot of fun and is truly a challenge.

I just wanted to take a moment to share my fave image from each month.

january: sunset, in winter, seattle, wa
created via: iPhone 3Gs/Photoforge/IrisPhotoSuite/PictureShow

Sunset. Day 25:365

february: tall trees, golden gardens park, seattle, wa
created via: iPhone 3Gs/Autostitch/PictureShow

The coolest trees in Seattle (to me)

march: south lake union, seattle, wa
created via: iPhone 3Gs/PicGrunger/Swankolab/PictureShow

In south lake union today.

april: abstraction
created via: iPhone 3Gs/SlowShutter/IrisPhotoSuite/Photoforge/3D Photo/FocalLab/PictureShow

Today's iPhone creation... Abstract on a Sunday Night

may: instameet at gasworks park, seattle, wa
created via: iPhone3Gs/Lomora2/Instagram

Friends at Gasworks. #instameet #instameetseattle

june: chaise, at pike place market, seattle, wa
created via: iPhone 3Gs/DynamicLight/Photoforge/VintgeScene

Photo: Chaise.

july: aurora bridge, over south lake union, seattle, wa
created via: iPhone 3Gs/Autostitch/Iris/FocalLab

photo: bridge over south lake union

august: a building on a street in south lake union, seattle, wa
created via: iPhone3Gs/BleachBypass/PictureShow/IrisPhotoSuite

a building on a street

september: Jenny, a very good friend
created via: iPhone3Gs/Instagram


october: joshua tree, ca.
created via: iPhone4s/Instagram

Joshua Tree

november: vortex in winter’s branches, denny park, seattle, wa
created via: iPhone4s/PixlrOMatic/FocalLab/TinyPlanet/Photowizard

Vortex in winter's branches. #iphoneography #iPhone4S

december: piedmont park, atlanta, ga.
created via: iPhone4s/DynamicLight/TiltShiftGen

Bath house @ #piedmontpark in Atlanta #iphoneography

See all of the images: A year in iPhoneography.

Happy New Year to you all and may 2012, be awesome!

home for the holidays

Two days before Christmas I left Seattle and headed to Atlanta. Atlanta is my home town, where my mother and one of my aunts still live. It’s been a couple of years since I was in Atlanta for Christmas, so it seemed like a good idea.

It’s funny there’s always this concept of, “I need to get to the airport really early to not miss my flight”. And yes, it’s true, but lately it’s taken mere minutes to get through security, or perhaps I just have it down. ;)

Regardless, after going through security I had time for coffee and to chill…

My view at the gate, awaiting departure.
At the Gate #iphoneography #instagram
edited via Instagram

Sunset, from somewhere over the united states, can I just mention it’s challenging to take these photos with an iPhone and the middle seat?

Sunset somewhere over America #iphoneography
edited via Luminance/IrisPhotoSuite

I got in fairly late in the evening, so it was off to get a rental car, then head to Mom’s. We had a late dinner and stayed up till the wee hours of the morn catching up.

On Christmas eve, I found myself doing some Christmas shopping. Every year it’s the same story of “Let’s not buy gifts for one another”. And every year it’s the same story of “Well I wanted to get you a little something”. So yes, I was at Barnes and Noble, Target and even the grocery store. I would say it was nuts, but it was surprisingly easy! Upon my return to my Mom’s I saw the sun was setting, the weather had been pretty clear all day with just a few clouds, the good clouds. I had to pause, to take photos of the sun setting along the train tracks (cliched, yep, but I don’t care!).

On the tracks.
edited via Instagram

Christmas Day, Mom and I drove to visit with my Aunt, here’s the pretty tree she had.

Happy Christmas!
edited via Instagram

We had a lovely meal, some nice wine and time together.

The next day I decided to tour about the city a bit, visit some of my old fave spots and of course take a photo or two. Growing up I lived across the street from Piedmont Park, as a 6 year old it’s an awesome place to be. With big hills to roll down or sled down (on the rare occasion when it snows). There’s jungle gyms and even a swimming pool! The park is freakin’ huge. This is my favourite photo from my time at the park.

Bath house @ #piedmontpark in Atlanta #iphoneography
edited via DynamicLight/TiltShiftGen

So there’s a few images from the trip so far, I leave in a couple of days. I’ve enjoyed my time with family and hope to find a way to make the time to see them more often. Life gets busy, but it’s important!

All images in this post are taken and edited on an iPhone!

Help-Portrait 2011

In 2009, I got together with a handful of photographers to help plan a Help-Portrait event in Seattle. We’d heard of Help-Portrait and were immediately interested in what we could do in our own neighbourhoods. After one or two meetings it became evident we could do a lot. Starting with the idea of doing one event, we soon found ourselves in the midst of planning three and helping out at even more…

We captured moments and memories for families in a way that many of them had not been able to experience before, it was a truly wondrous experience. We strengthened the bonds of our own friendships, we made new friends and beyond.

We really wanted to do something special in 2011. Working with a group of women who’ve maybe had some challenges in their lives, but who power through and work to find happiness, peace and safety for themselves and their families.

My pal Maxine, led the charge, pulling together half a dozen make-up artists/hair stylists to pamper these lovely ladies. Bringing on a few volunteers to hang out with their kids, having some craft time. And then a slew of photographers and editors to create images.

The photos I have to share are of the crew, the people who made this event happen, a special group, without a doubt.

I urge you to get involved in your community, how can you give back?

If you’re in Seattle and like the sound of all this, follow us on Twitter, for updates about events in 2012.

Maxine Toh, Savanna Rose, Candice, Tatyana & Mila:

Help-Portrait Seattle crew

Stephen Giang

Stephen the elf.

John Cornicello

John Cornicello

Just about everyone!

Help-Portrait Seattle crew