I spent a lot of time this week working through the PhotoToaster app. My original plan of editing only with this one for the week, kind of fell to the wayside. However it was used for many of the iPhone images for this week.

Here is the run down!

You can shoot with the app and/or process with the app. I only did processing, the shooting interface loads the basic iPhone camera, however doesn’t include the grid or HDR options if you have the newest device. For most of my iPhone images, I tend to shoot with the native camera, making exceptions for apps like Hipstamatic or Cameramatic. On that note, the image used for the screen shots was originally captured with Hipstamatic.

To get started tap the icon in the top left corner, this presents options for either bringing in an image or taking one. If you want to crop an image, tap the wrench, it brings up a tool bar for cropping as well straightening an image. And the usual right arrow swoosh to save the file (we’ll get to that towards the end of this post!).

Here’s the meat and potatoes.

Filters – Tap on the world icon in the bottom left to access a series of presets.
Basic contains about 13 presets. Deluxe contains about 18 presets; Supreme contains about another 18 presets. So in all there are over 15 just to get you started. You’ll see there’s a small preview of the preset to help your selection.

Ready to be in some control now?

Basic Adjustments – Tap on the Sun icon along the bottom. There are 13 presets, as well as a world of adjustments: Exposure, Temperature, Add light, Contrast and Tint. To move between these options tap on the three dots or the sliders.

Fx – Here there are 17 presets, as well the power to adjust the following bits: Saturation, Color Filter, Sharpen, Cross Process and Technicolor. Some of these certainly allow for creative licence to get a little crazy if you choose to do so.

Vignette – Tap on the stars to access 15 presets and make adjustments to those presets. Some of these do include a bit of a tilt shift effect.

Texture – Want to add just a bit of texture? This is the spot. The icon looks a bit like a checkerboard. Here you have about 11 presets, once selected you can adjust the intensity of it. Of the textures I’ve used thus far, these are not quite as intense as I’ve seen in some other apps.

Borders – Add a frame to your images, there are 22 presets here. And you can adjust the width of the border once selected, that’s kind of a nice feature.

Please note: On the Vignette, Texture and Borders, when you use the sliders of the same name, within those options, it will run you through the presets. So you have two ways to move through those presets.

Now when it comes to saving your images, or sharing them hang on to your hats…

You can save to Camera Roll, email, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, SMS, Twitter and even to the clipboard. There’s also a “Send to app” button. This loaded a list of other apps I have installed on my iPhone that I can send the file directly to. Some other examples: Bleach Bypass, Lensflare, TiltShiftGen, Halftone, ScratchCam and more. Plus if you click on “More Apps” it lists even more. I know that more and more apps are doing this.

What are your favourite apps? What are you curious about?

~ kate

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