Let’s talk about Tiny Planet… Tiny Planet is an app that you can very easily get carried away with. It’s a lot of fun, but I do suggest using it sparingly or in conjunction with other apps.

I used this app a throughout the past week, in conjunction with some others to make some pretty wicked abstract images. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m kind of sad to be moving on to new apps and subjects this week. Although I can forsee more abstracts in my future.

Here’s a breakdown.

When you open the app it prompts you to either choose an image from your library or to shoot a new image. I normally import. Let me state that I’ve had my most interesting successes with images in the landscape (or even panoramic) format, as opposed to square or portrait formats. Also note, it will save your image in the square format.

Along the top the app you’ll find the following options:

i – All sorts of links here to the Tiny Planet website, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr group and beyond…

? – A super helpful guide to the buttons on the app.

grid of squares – this shows your gallery of images that you’ve imported into Tiny Planet.

Along the bottom of the app:

Camera icon to shoot a new photo or import a different one..

Settings Wheel tap on this to adjust the image output, please note if you haven’t purchased the upgrade you may only be able to export at 1000 pixels.

Tiny Planet tap on this to create a tiny planet, these are cool if you have a landscape or something with big skies, you can make the skies appear even larger.

Tiny Tube tap on this to shrink things in and twist the center.

Rotate arrow tap on the right/down arrow to rotate the image to a position you like.

Save arrowtap on this to Save to the Photo Album, Copy, email or more… (send to Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr or Twitter).

So that’s it in a nutshell. I believe the app is free to start, with an in-app upgrade to larger resolution output. It’s super fun and great if you want to do something abstract with your world.

Final Image – Tiny Planet

Final Image – Tiny Tube

2 thoughts on “tiny planet

  1. Nice to see that I am not the only Tiny Planet fan. I love using the app on a landscape type image using both options, saving the separate images and then blending them together using ImageBlender.
    I am really enjoying your blog and have gotten many good ideas to try put with future projects.

  2. Thanks! Yes, Tiny Planet is a lot of fun! Great for when you want to get experimental and maybe even a bit abstract.

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