When I pursue more abstract notions in my iPhoneography, I often receive a couple of questions, “how did you do that” or “what app did you use”. Sometimes the answer isn’t simple, as I will often stack apps. App stacking is using multiple apps to create your final image. Kind of like using layers in photoshop.

I thought it might be fun to dissect a recent abstract and show the progression leading to the final image.

We begin with a rainy Seattle day, where the rain dissipates and the sun pops out just long enough to create a rainbow, wait, is that a double rainbow?

Then using Snapseed, I got a little faux HDR crazy by adding some Drama.

I thought it might be fun to twist this rainbow around using Tiny Planet.

After Tiny Planet I felt like exploring the realm of the StripeCam app.

Then to an old fave Iris Photo Suite to boost colour, add texture and just a hint of softness to finish of this image.

I printed a number of recent iPhone images to show during the iPhoneography workshop I co-lead in February. Let me just say this printed out 12″x12″ looks freakin’ cool…