Recently a thinkTANK Artificial Intelligence 13 V3 made it’s way into my arsenal. Now as a girl, I’m wired to have loads of bags. Kind of like Goldilocks always looking for one that’s just right! This is my 4th case/sleeve/bag I’ve acquired since getting the Macbook Air last year and this one really nails it for most occasions.

What’s amazing about this bag? Well a few things… how about jamming all of this into it:

a 13″ MacBook Air
a composition book/moleskin
laptop charger
small wallet
lipstick/lip blam
I can even sneak an Olympus Pen E-P2 in there too! (with the 17mm pancake lens)

The bag is only 1.2″ deep, this means if you’re travelling you could store this bag in a larger bag. It’s well padded, and my MacBook air fits in there snugly. The back pocket on the bag is where I carry a real notebook, even though I heart my technology I still love putting pen to paper. But if you really love technology, you could easily fit an iPad (smart tablet) into that same pocket.

The front pocket has slots for cards, like business cards, a few pens, and a fob to attach your keys to, if you so wish. The strap is also designed in a way to either just be worn on the shoulder or as a cross body. Multi-functional, yep I dig it.

Thank you thinkTANK for adding this size to the Artificial Intelligence line! And for being rock stars!

All photos of the bag and contents were taken with my trusty iPhone4s.

5 thoughts on “rockin’ laptop case

  1. thinkTANKphoto bags ROCK! I wouldn’t buy anything else! I take my Retrospective 5 when I just want a small bag and go 4-wheelin’ with my Airport 4-Sight when I need all my gear in one convenient portable spot!

  2. This looks like an awesome bag! I never would have thought you could fit so much into it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This bag looks great. Thanks for sharing. I was looking for something similar for my 13″ Macbook Air and will probably get this one after reading your website… I was just wondering if there is any danger of scratching the Macbook Air when it is being inserted or removed from the bag? Would there be enough room to have a small sleeve on the macbook or is it a really tight fit? Thanks!

  4. Hi Colin! It’s a pretty snug fit for the MacBook Air. If you have a thin fitted sleeve it might be alright, or if you get one of those skins made, that would help prevent scratches. The inside hasn’t scratched my laptop yet, I am trying to baby it a bit of course so I understand your concerns!
    Thanks again! Kate

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