Popsicolor – add a little pop to your iPhoneography

I recently came across a new fun little app from the creators of Percolator, called Popsicolor. I know, I know, how many apps does a girl really need? Lots! ;)

Let’s start off by saying this app is great for a very specific look, kind of pop art, a little watercolour, vibrant and high contrast. Right now it’s only $0.99 in the US iTunes store.

The interface is pretty simple, you can shoot with the app or import a photo from your photo library. Once you bring a photo into the app, the app starts processing. Picking colours at random.

If you don’t really care for what it starts with, tap a colour square at the top of the screen or along the bottom to change the top or bottom gradient base. You can slide the colour selectors left and right to access the colours hidden from the main screen. When you tap one of the colours it starts reprocessing the image.

Tap the little paint brush to access some additional options.
Focus has three options: Minimal, Natural and Bold. Bold is a bit more vivid than the others, but I’d suggest playing around with each option to find the one that fits the image you’re working with. So far in playing with this, images that are more evenly exposed seem to have better results for me, especially with the Bold option. There’s also a remix option here which appears to give you random mixture of colour.

“Minimal Focus”

“Natural Focus”

Here’s a couple of “Bold” examples.

The little heart is your key to output options. Tap on that before you save anything so that you can choose the largest output possible.

Here’s my photo of the day today. Originally shot with Hipstamatic, then taken to Popsicolor and finished off in Percolator. Fun piece of art!

how did she do that, pt. 2

So what can you do with your iPhone? Some really cool stuff. For this edition of “how did she do that”, I wanted to break down the apps used for an image of a Ballerina.

Starting with this basic image, from the native iPhone camera, shot through a window outside the Pacific Northwest Ballet hall, near Seattle Center.

I used the PicFX app to apply a little vintage flair and do a square crop.

Then I moved to PhotoViva to add some painterly brush strokes.

Then to a long time fave app IrisPhotoSuite to add some additional texture, bringing down the saturation a tad.

Then to Snapseed, for some very minor tweaks a little blur, to create this final image.

I’ve recently ordered a canvas print of this image, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this looks on a canvas, given it’s painterly quality! If you’re interested in printing your iPhone images on canvas, check out CanvasPop,I’ve printed a couple with them personally and so far really dig them. They even have special pricing if you connect to your Instagram account!

trains, trailers and ants

A couple of weeks ago I got together with some fellow photographer friends for some fun photo taking. We had an idea to hop on the Light Rail and explore the stops along the train line.

We began at a station in SoDo, south of Downtown, then headed up towards Westlake Center. Taking some time to photograph the station.

Then heading into the shopping center above the station, I found some ant people along the way.

Our next destination was the Pioneer Square Station:

Then we hopped back on to the train and headed towards the Georgetown neighbourhood for a light lunch and more photo taking. These are my fave shots from the Arty Trailer Park setup in that area. These trailers are open during the Georgetown Art Attack, which I always seem to miss. However I love going down here to shoot when no one is around, makes for an interesting background, from another time.

All of these images were taking with the Olympus Pen E-P2 with the 17mm f/2.8 lens. Edited in Lightroom3. The “Diorama” Art filter was applied, in camera to the ants! ;)