Today is one of those days that could slip away from certain people, more than others. Father’s Day.

When you have someone around everyday you get used to it, and when they’re gone, unfortunately you get used to that as well. Yesterday, while in Fremont for the Solstice Parade I went to a spot along the canal that has a couple of benches, just to sit and enjoy the day and clear my head a bit. When I looked down at the bench, I found the name Randy, carved into the wood. Randy (Randall, technically but everyone called him Randy), was my Dad’s name. So I of course, took a photo, somehow seemed appropriate given today is Father’s Day and all.

Last night I got to thinking a bit more and today I found a couple of older photos that I thought I would share today.

This is my Dad, sometime in the late 70’s/early 80’s, wearing a Triumph shirt and playing his Stratocaster. Two of his favourite things, Motorcycles and Guitars.

Who was my father?
A musician
A photographer
A craftsman in the construction realm
A man who was the life of the party
A man who loved me

A man I miss, many many days.

Today I focus on memories of him on stage with his bandmates, playing songs from the Beatles, Elvis and beyond. Singing along with them, until the wee hours. Or going to Piedmont Park the one or two days a year when we managed to get some snow and sledding down the big hills. And riding on the back of his Triumph, asking him to drive faster through the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta.

I hope that wherever he is, his spirit is making music and having a great time.

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  1. The fact that your Dad’s name was on the bench where you sat to clear your head on Father’s Day absolutely blew my mind. Serendipity. This is a beautiful post and a wonderful tribute your father. Thank you for sharing <3

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