So what can you do with your iPhone? Some really cool stuff. For this edition of “how did she do that”, I wanted to break down the apps used for an image of a Ballerina.

Starting with this basic image, from the native iPhone camera, shot through a window outside the Pacific Northwest Ballet hall, near Seattle Center.

I used the PicFX app to apply a little vintage flair and do a square crop.

Then I moved to PhotoViva to add some painterly brush strokes.

Then to a long time fave app IrisPhotoSuite to add some additional texture, bringing down the saturation a tad.

Then to Snapseed, for some very minor tweaks a little blur, to create this final image.

I’ve recently ordered a canvas print of this image, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this looks on a canvas, given it’s painterly quality! If you’re interested in printing your iPhone images on canvas, check out CanvasPop,I’ve printed a couple with them personally and so far really dig them. They even have special pricing if you connect to your Instagram account!

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