how did she do that, pt. 3

It’s time for another entry in the “How did she do that?” series!

This past week I created a simple image of a rose. The rose was purchased some time ago and I’ve let it dry out, as it would naturally.

Starting with a simple setup, of a white piece of foam core (or gator board) for the background, then using a lamp with a 60 watt bulb for light, I snapped this image.

I then went into the PhotoToaster App, adding a punch to the red, evening out the exposure and doing some blending (with the new blending tool in Beta, you may not have that yet, if you have this app!). Resulting in this next image.

Moving from PhotoToaster into Picfx, softening the tones a bit, adding another layer of texture, and even a slight grungy white edge.

For the next step I used the Superimpose app. If you’re interested in blending images, this is a nice little app and is only about a $1. I used this app to merge the photo with a texture I’d created previously (on the iPhone). After playing about with the placement of the mask and opacity I came out with this result.

With a quick pop into the Photomarkr app to add a copyright, the image is complete!


I hope you find this post helpful, as I hope to write more like this.

Thanks for reading!

~ kate

Kubota Gardens

I’m just going to say it, I’m a busy girl! I found some time this past weekend to hang with my local photography friends and Seattle Flickrites, co-leading a photowalk through Kubota Gardens in Seattle.

What began as a leisurely stroll through the quiet gardens…

Lead to shenanigans with Colby and Freeman!

*no photographic equipment was harmed in the making of these photos

What a fun bunch!

back to exploring wooded areas:

finding fields of floral intricacies:

and discovering monochromatic wonders:

We meandered to a local eatery for beverages and sustenance!

Just sayin’, it’s a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

p.s. our next event is this Sunday, August 26th. We’re heading to Pioneer Square to shoot some Film, lomo style. So if you’re into film photography, alternative processing or the like, you might be into this one!

With the exception of some square crops, these pictures are straight out of camera. Shot with a Nikon D700, with either a 50mm f/1.4G or Lensbaby Composer Pro (with the Sweet 35 or Edge 80 optic). Look for some new iPhone info soon!