puget sound and a boat!

a November Sunset

Cliched? Perhaps… but it’s November and the weather was in our favour today in Seattle!

I spent some time in the late afternoon at my favourite park in Seattle, Golden Gardens. This is in the Ballard neighbourhood, with views of a marina, the Olympic Mountains, Puget Sound & even a pier for people to fish off of. Even on overcast days, it can be quite a site.

Often you’ll find people hanging out in their cars, eating lunch, or just enjoying the view. I sometimes wonder why they don’t get out of their cars and walk, it’s a nice stroll, even on a day as chilly as today was. But oh well, their loss!

Here’s some of the views I took in on my stroll…

These images were created with a D700 and a 28mm f2.8D lens and edited in Lightroom 4 or Photoshop CS5.1.

Thanks for taking a peek!
~ kate

or... bond, james bond.

NYC through my iPhone

As I mentioned at the end of my most recent post, I wanted to share a handful of my favourite iPhone images from my recent journey to New York. Even though I had a Fuji x-pro 1 with me, everywhere I went, I still managed to take quite a few iPhone photos. Perhaps it’s habit, perhaps it’s just because it’s fun!

I was staying with a friend in Brooklyn while I was there, so many images were from the nearby Prospect Park. Here’s just a handful of what I captured while in the Big Apple.

brooklyn, ny

I've been around more than 100 years - iPhone4s | Hipstamatic

at Prospect Park

boathouse, prospect park, brooklyn, ny - iPhone4s | Snapseed

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Inside of the Boathouse - iPhone4s | Hipstamatic

or... bond, james bond.

tunnel vision, iPhone4s | Picfx

streets in Chelsea

cobble stone streets in Chelsea - iPhone4s | Snapseed

things one may do while waiting for the train... - iPhone4s | Snapseed

a couple

Central Park - iPhone4s | Hipstamatic

All images captured with an iPhone4s, many using the Hipstamatic app, a couple edited with Snapseed and one captured with Hipstamatic and edited with PicFx.

thanks for checking them out!


New York, 2012

Two weeks ago I boarded a plane east. A red eye, means hopefully a nap or three as you fly cross country, with the hopes of a safe landing and a productive fun-filled first day. And that for the most part is how it played out. My flight landed just before sunrise on Sunday morning, and before I knew it I was headed to Brooklyn. A couple of hours later the gal I was staying with and I headed towards the subway for a bit of a walk and an adventure. We ventured across the Brooklyn Bridge and through various parts of New York, above and under ground. I was there for a bit of work and as a result of this didn’t get out and about as much as I might have liked, but below are a variety of images captured along the way.

It’s obviously taken a bit of time for me to create this post, some of these areas may well look different today, as a result of hurricane Sandy, which hit the New York area just a day after I left. If you can, please donate to the Red Cross or similar foundations to help provide relief for the families and individuals affected by events this past week.

Below and along the Brooklyn Bridge:

Subways, City Streets, and the Converse store.

And Central Park:

All of these images were snapped with a Fuji X-Pro1 and edited in Lightroom 4 (and Nik Silver Efex Pro 2).

Look for a follow up post with a smattering of iPhone images too.

~ kate