a few weeks ago i visited the cannon beach, along the oreogon coast. i’d done a post of lovely images captured with the fuji 100s, but while i was there i also shot a couple of rolls of film.

using a zero image 2000 with two kinds of film, fuji acros neopan 100 black and white and fuji velvia 100 slide film. remember those? i was both scared and intrigued at what the velvia film would return as the colours are highly saturated and slide film isn’t very forgiving. when working with a pinhole camera, you have to be accurate with your exposures, especially with slide film. black and white film is much more forgiving, so you can flub it a bit and still manage a usable image…

below is a sampling of my fave images from both rolls, i’m really pleased with the results.









4 thoughts on “cannon beach through a pinhole camera lens

  1. What a great set of images. You should be proud of what you captured as they would make a great set of images to hang on the wall.

  2. Hi Chris,

    thanks so much for the kind words! I did a photo book already! 🙂

    ~ kate

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