as photographers, we hope that every image we snap will be absolutely stunning, but in reality, it doesn’t work that way. for instance, you might try to capture that adorable neighbourhood kitty who likes to visit, but they’re an uncooperative model, in that they just want to be petted!

this fella, visits from time to time, he’s very sweet and occasionally poses well for the camera, but often he’s very mobile and more challenging to capture.

one afternoon when i was in an experimental mood, i started with this image, which sadly, is a bit out of focus, but i was okay with that, it’s an experiment, right?


i wanted to explore the abstract and thought decim8 would be a great idea to do so. after running the image through decim8 i achieved the following result.


then i finished the image off in snapseed, using one of the 1500 grunge filters available, minus the texuture.


one of the things i continue to love about mobile photography, especially on the iPhone are all the available apps, the ability to edit, on the fly, on my phone and of course, share it with the world.

~ kate