so today is halloween and a thursday. this means some folks are partying tonight, but most folks either partied this past weekend or will be partying this weekend. as photographer’s we almost always are the ones with cameras in tow. for a break from the big camera i often like to take something fun, like a fuji instax mini. the model i use is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S, but there are a variety of others.

some of the cool things about it:
it captures images and gives you a print, instantly.
it’s a great conversation starter
it’s compact
it creates credit card sized prints
it’s only about $1 per photo (for the film)

some of the drawbacks:
it creates credit card sized prints
it’s bigger than something like an iPhone or a small point and shoot

did i mention it’s a great conversation starter? many, many people don’t know that you can still shoot instant film, heck, i believe the world of instant film is on the rise. with things like the Impossible Project being a prime example of growth in a small marketplace.

where can you get these little cameras? amazon, B&H, adorama, or even your local camera store like Glazer’s Camera.

i thought i’d share some snaps from today, of some fun folks who were dressed for the occasion:







it’s fab and fun, great to use at parties and other kinds of occasions! i also used some of these at a Help-Portrait events, it intrigues the kids, who are sometimes shy. just another tip!

thanks and happy halloween!

~ kate