Why should you edit your iPhone (smartphone) photos? There are a variety of reasons, but the main one for me is they almost always need it. Even if just a contrast tweak, or some work on colour temperature. There’s generally some element that needs a little work.

In the case of this image:


I had some specific things in mind. I knew that it was a little cooler than I wanted it to be, images of snow tend to be. I also knew that I wanted to over expose it a bit, and increase the contrast.

How did I know this? Great question!

The easy answer is: I just knew it.

The long answer: I’ve been creating images for years and looking at photos for years. The more you create work, the more practice you get in, the more you see what it could look like, and in this case, should look like, at least to me…

My final edit below, better represents the scene as I saw it, bright, white, with whisps of branches peeking through the snow.

I increased the exposure and added some contrast and warmed the image up, just enough to balance out that blue in the original. Did I take it too far, perhaps, but I’m really pleased with the results, I find peace and calm in this spot.


Food for thought before you post that next iPhone/Smart Phone picture. Take advantage of some of the amazing apps on the market (some of which are free), and do a bit of editing.

~ kate