VSCO cam, from the creators of VSCO (film), have recently released an update. This update may be of interest and feel familiar to those who use Lightroom. It’s an option to copy your edit from one image onto another. It’s s cool idea and shows continued advancement in the realm of mobile editing. Granted you may be able to do this via your iPad in Lightroom if you have the Cloud, but some of us still don’t. I’ve also remained a bit of a pursuit with my mobile editing, in that all of my iPhone images are edited solely with iPhone apps.

VSCO has an official announcement over on their blog, so you may want to check that out. I thought I’d share the way that I could see this beneficial for me and my workflow.

In my opinion you would most likely apply these technique to the following scenario:

You’ve created a series of images and want to apply the same filter to many. This will work best if they are all the same exposure, if they aren’t you will find a need to go into each individual image to tweak it.

Here’s an example…snow in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, I had half a dozen images I liked from my outing and decided they’d rock in black and white. So I brought them all into the app, edited one, copied those settings to the other. I still made some tweaks along the way, but there were some variances with the exposures. I was ok with that, at least the copy option meant I didn’t have to remember what filter I’d applied :-).

Select two or more images and tap the + 


Tap Paste Edit


If you’re already using VSCO it’s a nice addition to their growing toolset. If you’re not using VSCO, I’d suggest taking a peek at it. It’s free (with some in app filter upgrades), but an overall nice editor.

~ kate