Take your panoramas and have some fun!

I visited the Burj Al Arab in Dubai at sunrise. My goal was to catch all the different shades of pastels as they appeared, which I did. Along with that, and whenever I travel, I love to snap Panorama’s. That morning was no exception.

I had a bit of inspiration, and thought it would be cool to take that panorama and create a tiny world. You may have seen these before, I find these results are quite fun.

I began with this panorama


I opened my Circular+ app, leaving it at the full width of the panorama, let the app do it’s thing.



From there I used the sliders to zoom and change the direction of where the Burj Al Arab was displayed.


I saved that version to my camera roll and opened it up in Mextures. I wanted to punch up the colours and add some texture too.


I used Vignette, the ’80’s and Mulberry filters in Mextures, I also bumped saturation, tint, sharpening and contrast a bit.




This is my final version:


loads of fun!

For more on Mextures check out this post from the archives.

Thanks for tuning in!

~ Kate