Let’s face it, Instant Cameras are fun. We love them for their nostalgia and instant gratification. To this day I still remember taking snaps with my families Polaroid One Step, I still even have a few photos from it!

Earlier this year Fujifilm released their latest camera that creates instant images. It’s a blend of analogue and digital fun. The SQ10 allows you to capture images digitally (on a teeeeny micro SD card) and then can you print your favourite images. With Fujifilm’s other Instant Cameras, you capture an image and it immediately pops out and in a moment you’ll see it start to develop. While so enjoyable, this can sometimes result in failed images, which means you may burn through a lot of film. With the SQ10, you can print your faves.

I love this.

I recently read a review on the SQ10 and felt it was a bit harsh which is what prompted to me to write a little about my experience with it thus far.

Some of the joys

  • Digital image storage, this little camera takes a Micro SD card.
  • Larger than mini-prints
  • Self timer
  • Bulb mode
  • Take all the photos you want, but only print what you want to print
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Double Exposure
  • Flash Control

Items you can adjust before or after you’ve taken a photo:

  • Exposure Compensation (before or after you snap a photo)
  • Filters (kinda like Instagram)
  • Vignette control

Some of the drawbacks

  • Charging the battery is done through the camera
  • Small files (1920×1920), but that’s ok, it’s the first in the generation

For some people that second list may be a little longer, but this is why I own a variety of cameras, one camera doesn’t rule them all (well maybe a Phase One or something does… haha).

I use film, including a Yashica, Zero Image pinhole and a Holga
I use digital, Fujifilm X Series
I use my iPhone

I embrace each tool for what it is, a means to create something.

If you’re concerned about pixels and sharpness, this isn’t the camera for you.

If you love creating images, documenting your life, or travels, and having the ability to print those moments in a flash, this may be the camera for you.

It retails for $279 + you gotta buy film.

I know that I use less film, now that I own one of these.

That’s my two cents. 😉

Also check out the new Instax Share SP-3 Printer which let’s you wirelessly connect to a Fujifilm X series camera or their app on Android or IOS to print images from one of those devices.