Winters in Seattle are typically overcast and dreary, daily. It’s a pain point for a lot of people who live here, but honestly I don’t mind it, at least not as much as others might.

In the past couple of weeks we’ve had rain, sun, rain, clouds, lots of clouds, sun, snow and more sun. On one of those sunny days I managed a visit to the observation deck at the Space Needle. It was a super clear day, barely a wispy cloud in sight, this meant clear views of the bay, snow capped mountains and Seattle’s urban sprawl.




Not only are the views of interest, people watching can be plentiful in the area, I have always had a love of street photography so I captured a few moments of other’s experiences while I was there.




Currently the Space Needle is under some renovation, which meant I couldn’t get the “360 degree” views, but what I was able to experience was really nice to see. I look forward to going back once the renovation is finished!