One of the joys of the Pacific Northwest is it’s varied landscapes. Seattle is loaded with parks on waterways, views of mountains and tons of trees, it’s truly wondrous. Within an hour of the city you can feel as though you’ve travelled far away, surrounded by nature, calm and quiet.

One spot, like this, is Rattlesnake Lake. Even though it’s only about an hour away from Seattle, I’ve only been there two or three times. Each time, it leaves me feeling recharged and grounded.

The lake here as receded a fair bit, this low tide is an indicator of a dryer climate that we probably should not have. The past several years, the west coast, from California into Canada have had a variety of wildfires, as a result of the lack of rain.

With the lower tide, one can access a multitude of tree stumps, and rocks, photographing them at different angles to change up the perspective and such. I will say, it’s super muddy, so if you decide to explore this area, wear shoes for such an environment.

On my most recent visit there, it was foggy, clear, foggier and then of course, there was sunset. We stayed for several hours, just at the lake, creating images and enjoying the views. There is a hike, up to a view point, for those who like to hike up tall things. One of these days, when I go, I’ll do that!

If you go there with friends, beware, as they may crash your composition… in this instance I decided that was okay. 😉

When did you last take a trek away? Even for just an afternoon? Escape into nature, enjoy it’s beauty? For me, it’s crucial to my sanity!

All images were captured on the Fujifilm X-T2, with the 14mm, 23mm, 35mm and 56mm lenses.