Many people love to ask, “what lens did you use?” on images posted, wherever. We like to focus on the gear in photography, we get excited when there’s a new camera or lens announced. And of course, we need the gear to create images, but that’s not all that it’s about. And you know that, deep down we all know it. 

When I purchased my Fujifilm X-T1 back in 2014, one of the first lenses I purchased was the 35mm f/1.4. That’s equivalent to a 50mm on a full frame system. All the years I used Nikon cameras, 50mm was my go-to focal length. They call it “nifty fifty” for a reason. 

With this lens, and a good eye, you can capture a variety of subjects. I decided to go through some of my archives and pull together images captured with the 35mm f/1.4 lens to highlight the variety you can get with just one lens. 

I’m a proponent of getting out and capturing moments with a single focal length; it forces us to slow down a little, think about our composition with intention and honestly move around. That moving around helps us find new perspectives, on the same subject. 





When you’re considering, what lens to buy next, especially if you are just starting out with just that kit lens, consider a nifty fifty (50mm) or 35mm if you are on a crop sensor camera. These lenses are reasonably priced, versatile and most often allow you to open that aperture pretty wide! 

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