About Me…

I grew up with photography, my father was a photographer (and a musician). As a teenager I was able to work with an architectural photographer in Atlanta, learning hands on about elements that go into creating a body of a work for a client. Since that time photography has played a role in my day to day life, from Instant Cameras to iPhones to the most current digital cameras.

As a portrait photographer, my job is to create portraits of you that you will love. In a portrait session we’ll get to know each other, have a conversation, laugh (a lot) and maybe even cry. The connection we create, is reflected in the images.

As a travel photographer, I love to explore, see new places, meet new people with an open mind and heart. We all see the world differently, my hope is to be able to share my view in a way that will inspire others to want to get out that passport.

Beyond portraiture and travel, I also partner with businesses to create overarching campaigns for use on their websites, email marketing and social media platforms. These lifestyle images help tell the story of the company, their products/services and will connect with their clients.


When I’m not creating photographs I’m…


Leading workshops and one on one mentoring sessions. Topics include: Portrait Photography, Lighting, Lightroom & Mobile Photography.


Over the years I’ve been a contributor to Mobiography, Alien Skin Exposure Blog, FiLMiC Pro and Glazer’s Camera.

Building a Community of Photographers

I’ve lead Photowalks, Photo Tours and Social Nights for almost 10 years, in Seattle, New York and Dubai. It is one of my favourite experiences, exploring a city, taking pictures and getting to know fellow photographers, pro’s and enthusiasts alike.

Non-Profit Projects

Jeremy Cowart founded the Help Portrait Project in 2008, in 2009 he spread the word of this project around the world. Since 2009 I’ve lead groups of photographers in support of this premise: Creating Portraits for those in need. Working with local non-profits, providing portraits and prints to individuals and families.