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Better food photos with your smartphone

These days most of us are walking around with a cool smart phone. And often we will take snapshots with that phone. As a long time photographer, I’ve really embraced and had a lot of fun with this technology. While trying to have fun, I also make efforts to create interesting images.

Now I’m sure that when you go out to your local coffee shop or favourite restaurant you may want to take a photo of your food or coffee. It’s ok, no one is judging you, it’s in our nature to document our lives. I’d like to challenge you to do it better. ;)

So I thought I’d share a couple of tips.

1. Look for the light. Photography is all about light, without light there are no photos. So look around your environment and see which direction the light is coming from. Try to shoot from that angle without getting between the light source and your subject.


2. Look at your composition. Get above the dish or move to the side or get lower. Composition is key to drawing the viewer into the scene.



Most importantly, have fun with it! These images were taken with the iPhone5s using Hipstamatic. Hipstamatic offers a fun foodie pack that is great for portraits of people and food.

~ kate

Fresh Fruit Food Photography

The past couple of weeks I’ve been re-inspired to create images of food, with a focus on fresh fruit.

Last week I tuned into a bit of a workshop with Diane Cu and Todd Porter of White On Rice Couple on CreativeLive: Story on a Plate.

The discussion on food in general, plus the simple, yet elegant food styling kind of prompted this renewed interest in shooting the topic. So I wanted to share a few images and how I made them.

This beauty was captured on my iPhone with the Hipstamatic app. Natural light pouring in from a window on the right of camera, no other light or fill.


The first of these was captured on my iPhone, with Hipstamatic again. Hipstamatic is my go-to app for food snaps, especially with the “Foodie Pack”.


These other images were captured with my Fuji X100s, with natural window light from the left of camera.




Summer is a great time for watermelon and a wee bit of sea salt if you like!




I foresee this as an ongoing subject, for sure. Especially in summer when this fruit is so available and vibrant!

one light + fresh fruit

i recently had the opportunity to attend a 3-day workshop with the awesome Andrew Scrivani on creativeLIVE. i’ve done food photography for several years and have always enjoyed it. Adnrew’s class re-awakened my interest in the topic, photographically.

i currently live in a space that has lousy (i.e. no) good daylight. so i opted for a simple one light setup in my workspace. using a nikon sb-800 with a shoot through umbrella, i created a series of simple, but tasty images.

here’s an idea of the lighting setup, thanks to the strobox app.


from blueberries:



to raspberries:



and tomatoes!




a nice, easy setup, which can be done in a very small space. i’d also like to mention these were all captured with the fuji x100s. i’m really loving this camera!


~ kate