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Little getaways: Ocean Shores

Escape from the day to day is vital to our sanity, well at least to mine… It’s amazing how quickly time flies and we forget to do things for ourselves. We are focused on our families, friends, careers, but do we pause and breathe? Sometimes… Often enough? Probably not…

This past weekend I did just that. A girl, her car and a couple of cameras = a little getaway and some cool photos. You be thinking, Seattle is beautiful, it’s a vacation everyday, when it’s not raining, right? It is, without a doubt, I love it here. Even though I’m surrounded by that beauty I still gotta get away occasionally.

From seattle I headed south and then west to Ocean Shores, WA. There’s not a lot in Ocean Shores, some houses, some hotels, a restaurant or two and of course the Pacific Ocean.

After checking in to my hotel, I grabbed my camera bag and headed straight for the ocean. Ocean shores beaches you can drive on which is kinda cool, can’t do that many places these days.

There were horses a plenty.







Driftwood, at high(ish) tide


And again and lower tide around sunset


Rocks and views for miles




The horizon seemed so far away… sunsets on the coast are so different than the day to day sunsets I see in my neighbourhood.



A nice way to spend a couple of days.

What journeys do you take when you want to get away?

~ kate

Fresh Fruit Food Photography

The past couple of weeks I’ve been re-inspired to create images of food, with a focus on fresh fruit.

Last week I tuned into a bit of a workshop with Diane Cu and Todd Porter of White On Rice Couple on CreativeLive: Story on a Plate.

The discussion on food in general, plus the simple, yet elegant food styling kind of prompted this renewed interest in shooting the topic. So I wanted to share a few images and how I made them.

This beauty was captured on my iPhone with the Hipstamatic app. Natural light pouring in from a window on the right of camera, no other light or fill.


The first of these was captured on my iPhone, with Hipstamatic again. Hipstamatic is my go-to app for food snaps, especially with the “Foodie Pack”.


These other images were captured with my Fuji X100s, with natural window light from the left of camera.




Summer is a great time for watermelon and a wee bit of sea salt if you like!




I foresee this as an ongoing subject, for sure. Especially in summer when this fruit is so available and vibrant!

alki beach

So if you follow my 365 project, you may be tired of seeing images of this little area, but I love it! Haha. :)

As someone who’s taken photos longer than they care to admit, I’ve accrued a few cameras. Including my favourite little digital, the Fuji X100s. I tend to love the wide angle option when I’m exploring or traveling and the compact body is easy to carry and it doesn’t feel like it’s weighing me down.

It’s been a while since I posted any images from my lil Fuji and I’ve been wanting to!