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Waiting for the Moment

Photography is about timing. Well maybe not all of it, but if you are a photojournalist or someone who photographs people in any way, then you’ll find most of your best shots are because of timing. Sometimes you wait for a moment to unfold, sometimes you have to shoot a lot to capture that moment (and I don’t mean spray and pray!). Either way, it boils down to timing.

One of my favourite pursuits as a photographer is to capture a moment that’s interesting, that has a story, that creates a sense of wonder.

Perhaps it’s waiting on a pier and seeing a commuter stroll past.


Perhaps it’s stalking a seagull, slowly, and hoping he’ll look my way.

Processed with VSCOcam with x5 preset

Perhaps it’s being at the right place at the right time to catch a young man fishing.

Processed with VSCOcam with x5 preset

Perhaps it’s waiting for just the right moment when a boat passes to frame an image just so.

Processed with VSCOcam with x5 preset

The moral of this little tale is to be thoughtful and patient as moments unfold around you.

All of these images were captured on an iPhone5s and edited with one of the following apps: Hipstamatic / vscocam.

thanks for reading!

~ kate

My Week in iPhoneography, 11 May

Officially 1/3rd of my way through the project and keeping up with my weekly roundup. I’m apparently on a VSCOcam kick this week and used it just about every day! They did release a new set of filters, so there are definitely occasions when you get the new toy that you have to take it for a spin, right?

Anyhoo, here’s what I’ve been up to this week!

Day 124 – Beach


We’ve had some overcast days over the past week, this dramatic scene was edited via vscocam

Day 125 – Sun and Sand


And the day after… the sun joined us, warming the sand. changing my perspective i grabbed this shot. Also edited with vscocam.

Day 126 – Tugboat


In the distance in this shot you can make out a boat, it seems so small out there… a beautiful sunset. Snapped in Hipstamatic.

Day 127 – Bicyclist


I could have crossed at this intersection, but opted to wait to capture this bicyclist in wait. I like that this shows off the bill, also that he’s right on the edge of the frame, as if on the edge of his set waiting. If i’d been a little more mindful I would have allowed just a bit more room on the right side. Edited with vscocam.

Day 128 – Tulip


Spring continues to bloom about Seattle. This tulip was partially opening up. I captured this with Hipstamatic and did some additional edits with Mextures.

Day 129 – UW Med Center


We have some pretty cool architecture around Seattle. This building is maybe two years old, in the South Lake Union neighbourhood. Snapped with the iPhone5s native camera and edited with vscocam.

Day 130 – Beach again, in Black and white


The week ended with a beach bonfire birthday gathering with a friend. We’d heard rumours of rain, but willed it not to happen. The clouds threatened regardless. One more edited with vscocam.

Lots of VSCO cam this week!

I’ve added the entire project to my Smugmug site, if you find something you like and would be interested in purchasing a print, you can!

Check out the entire year here: iPhone 365 2014.

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my week in iPhoneography – 4 May

Here’s my weekly roundup, catching up on the past week’s images created on my iPhone as a part of my 365 project.

Day 117: Stairs into the Deep


All along Alki Beach in West Seattle you’ll see random staircases. When the tide is out far enough you can use the stairs to get to the beach area and walk about. This particular area is closer to the point where there’s not a lot of beach area, but a lot of rocks.

iPhone5s | Hipstamatic

Day 118: Seagull


Now if you’ve been to the beach you know these fellas love a snack and are also shy. Most often when you try to get close enough to them to take a photo, they’ve move away. I took a few here, with him looking at me, looking away and a full profile. This is my fave.

iPhone5s | vscocam | mextures

Day 119: Tree: a Black Hole


This was a fun edit. I took this image of some trees in the neighbourhood and used the Tiny Planet app to twist things about. From there on to vscocam and snapseed for some final edits.

iPhone5s | Tiny Planet | vscocam | snapseed

Day 120: Dandelion, V3


I recently did a blog post, on how I use the Mextures app in my workflow. This edit was completely done with Mextures. Check out that post for how I did it!

iPhone5s | mextures

Day 121: Bridge


At Jack Block Park you can see some great Seattle skyline views. Walk across this bridge for a lower view, go up top for a slightly different angle. I love the simplicity of this angle and the lines, leading you away.

iPhone5s | vscocam

Day 122: Lamppost


I’m always suggesting to folks that they change their perspective when creating images. This is the Tashiro-Kaplan building in the ID, near downtown, on Thursday of last week. I was checking out the Michael Kenna exhibition at G. Gibson Gallery and had gone outside to wait for some friends. Looking up I saw this. Love the whispy clouds and the framing of those clouds by the building and lamp post.

iPhone5s | vscocam

Day 123: lady liberty


This past weekend was filled with some record breaking days of rain. Yes, we get a fair amount of rain, but this was more than usual. This was taken on one of the rare breaks of droplets hitting the ground, with Hipstamatic. I used vscocam and mextures to add just a bit more colour and mood.

iPhone5s | Hipstamatic | vscocam | mextures

I’ve added the entire project to my Smugmug site, so
if you find something you like and would be interested in purchasing a print, you can!
Check out the entire year here: iPhone 365 2014.

If you’re active on any of the social channels below, you can follow the project there too!
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