Learn to the essentials of lighting!

This workshop is for anyone curious about getting started with lighting. Whether you own a flash or are interested in buying one, this will be a great introduction to what you can do with a small flash.

We will review a couple of techniques for on-camera flash, however the majority of the workshop will focus on taking the flash off of your camera to show how much control you can really have in the placement and mood of light.

The elements of this course, will also get you started in working with light, in general, whether using speedlights/flashes or studio strobes.

In this workshop Kate will review:

  • Essential Controls of the Speedlight
  • Light Modifiers, what they are, how they work, when and why we should use them
  • Light Stands, Wireless Remotes and more…

This hands-on workshop is focused on using Flashes/Speedlights/Portable Strobes for Portraits.

Techniques displayed in the workshop could also be applied to a variety of subjects including food and product photography.

Kate will share examples of different types of light and mood, demonstrating how light can change the mood of an image. She will also provide essential tips on posing and some recommended gear to get you started.

For In-Person Workshops or One on One Sessions

This workshop will include hands on time with a variety of modifiers including the MagMod System, Rogue Flashbenders and Westcott softboxes.

What You Should Bring (camera, etc..)
Camera with fully charged battery
Memory Card
If you already own a speedlight bring that with you too. This will be a great opportunity to ask questions about it!

For the online version:

Have your camera and speedlight handy. Be prepared to take notes and ask questions!

Contact me for pricing and availability.