cape cod

It’s amazing how close everything seems to be in New England. I just spent a couple of months living in Massachusetts and found some stellar landscapes and views within just a couple of hours driving time. After 8 years of living out west and almost 2 of that being at a beachy part of Seattle, I found I really missed the water. Spoiled perhaps, but I fell in love with it, for sure. As a result, when I was in MA, I drove to find water and coast. Again, not too difficult.

A few weeks ago I drove over to the “Cape” as it’s often referred to. This was a nice break from the forest-y feel of Massachusetts ‘burbs. I first found a state park, Nauset Light Beach which was right on the Atlantic, the day was beautiful, only those little wispy clouds in the sky.


Playing about with perspective, I got low with the camera angle and snapped up these rocks, with the water in the background.


After spending some time enjoying the views, the water, the sounds, I hopped back into the car to go a bit further north. My goal: Find a lighthouse! You can’t go to this area and not find one, so I did a quick google map search for a lighthouse and discovered Highland Museum and Lighthouse.

I feel I should add that most of these little day trips are pretty unplanned. Basically it pops into my head that “oh hey, let’s go to Maine on Saturday” and then we go. :-) Speaking of Maine, I have some Maine photos coming up soon!

Back to the lighthouse though…

I have four perspectives.

Getting close:


From a distance, portrait/vertical:


From a distance, landsacpe:


Somewhere in the middle:


Changing perspective is really valuable in photography (well in life too). You might like one view immediately, but find months or even years later a different viewpoint really works.

I find this super important when going to new places, especially if I’m not sure when/if I may visit there again. :-)

On the images: All of these were captured with the Fuji X100s and edited in Ligthroom. The Black and White Lighthouse photo was also edited via Nik Collections Analogue Efex Pro 2.

Thanks for reading!

~ kate


Badlands National Park is yet another especially amazing national park here in the states. On my recent journey back to the east coast, I was compelled to make a stop at this park.

Seeing images of a place is only gives you a small sense of the space. Unless you can integrate elements to help with scale or something, it’s honestly really best experienced in person. Here’s to hoping these vistas inspire at least one of you to get out there!

Recently I’ve been playing about with a new app called Storehouse. It’s for the iPhone and allows you to create photo essays, incorporating video or stills. It’s pretty slick so far, we shall see how it takes hold in the realm of social media. I put together a few of my iPhone images from the Badlands into a story on Storehouse, so if you’d like to see some of the iPhone images from this trek, check them out here.

Outside of that, below are a handful of images I took with the Fujifilm X100S. Edited with a combination of software like Lightroom 4 and Alien Skin Software Exposure 6.





All of these and more are available as prints, if you’re so inclined… Check out the full gallery over at my Smugmug site.

Thanks so much for taking the time to check this out!

~ kate


Yellowstone National Park is approximately 3500 miles of natural wonder. From geysers to rivers to trees to mountains, it’s quite a site to behold.

I’d like to let the photos speak for themselves here and leave whomever reads this with just one thought:

Our world is vast, explore it. :-)









These were all captured on the Fujifilm X100S.

If you really feel drawn to any of these images and would like to own a print, that is completely possible! Check out my Smugmug page to see higher resolution versions or to purchase prints. ;-)