Living in a new place presents a variety of obstacles.

1. Learning new roads
2. Finding a fave coffee shop, best shoe store etc…
3. Making new friends.

Those are just a few. After being in Seattle for almost 8 years, making some great friends, being involved in a massive photo community, starting over has been a bit of a challenge.

Thanks to the realm of social media, Facebook and such I’ve been able to connect with photographers and creatives around the world. Even a couple in the Boston area. As a result of this a friend, I’d not yet met in real life, invited me to a photowalk in a little coastal town called Fairhaven. It was a great opportunity to finally meet him in person and perhaps connect with a couple of other Boston area mobile photographers.

So I went, met some folks, walked for a few miles, and snapped some photos.

These were taken with the fancy lil Fujifilm X100S.






I also took some photos with my iPhone, they’re over on here if you’d like to check them out! ;)

Nice little place to explore, ships, docks, water etc… and that’s only part of it. I’d love to go back and see what else this little town has to offer.


A couple of weeks ago I spent a day driving about Massachusetts and made my way to Salem, MA. having recently relocated to the Boston area, Salem was a spot I thought would be cool to check out.

Surprisingly enough I didn’t discover too many witches, but I did find a wand shop ;).

Near downtown Salem, I found a park called Salem Willows Park. Beautiful views, a small beach front, a pier and more. I spent quite a bit of time here, especially as I’ve been missing Alki Beach in Seattle.

I snapped these images with the ever so lovely Fuji X100s.







I actually took more photos in this area than the downtown area. Once downtown I switched to shooting more with my iPhone. Including the Old Burying Ground Cemetery and a beach. Lots to explore within a mile or so radius. I’m sure I’ll visit there again!






Hey my friend over at Skipology.com shared a link to this new app today, fotograf, so I decided to give it a quick look.

fotograf offers a simple user interface and your basic controls, to change things like contrast, colour temperature, clarity, shadows, highlights and more. This is available in loads of apps, the cool factor in fotograf is that it offers previews of your changes.

There’s also a number of free filters, you can buy additional filters within the app.

Fotograf is also supposed to take advantage of the new manual features in IOS8, I didn’t try this out as I haven’t updated my phone yet. ;)

Here’s a couple of screenshots of the app, plus a before and after of my edits.



Screen Shots





fotograf $1.99 in the app store.

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