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decim8 your iPhoneography

I recently asked what questions you had, or what apps you were curious about. One response I received was Decim8 ($1.99 in the app store). And I can understand why. Decim8 is a fun app which lets you destroy elements within an image. Now you’re why would I want to do that? Well, you might not, but some folks like to experiment and create abstract art on their iPhones/iPads, and this app is a great tool in that creative process.

Now I don’t normally use Decim8 as a camera replacement app, but if you want to shoot within the app, you can. I use the import button to bring in an image that I want to play with.


Once i’ve imported my image, I click on the Erlenmeyer Flask, like a mad scientist in the making to select my formula(s).


Now I do have a few fave formulas, that have become my go to, especially: Beamrider. I also kinda dig 59.94 & Agency.

You can change how the effect works by tapping on the icon image, I believe each effect has three versions. So tap, tap, tap till you see one you think might work for you. On the iPhone you can preview what the effect will do on an image by clicking the “i”. On the iPad the previews will show up on the right side of the effects.

Once you have your effect(s) selected, click on the “X” to close this screen. This puts you back on the image preview and processing options.

Click on the white circle, to the left of the + to Decim8 your image. For this image I clicked the white circle 3 times to achieve the final result.





Other options in the app:

– Click the + to add a layer of sorts, you can stack up your decim8tion.

- Click the die to randomise effects

- Click the up arrow to share on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook; or order a CanvasPop Print or send a post card.

– Click the down arrow to save to your device.

So the moral of this story‚Ķ decimation is okay, if you like to play. I’m always a fan of experimentation, and have really embraced this on the iPhone.

What other apps are you interested in? Let me know and we can chat about them!

~ kate

iPhone Apps – my fab five

Yesterday I had the honour of doing a short segment on iPhoneography/Mobile Photography on creativeLIVE. I’ve been involved with creativeLIVE for a number of years, first as a volunteer and then as an employee, it’s a pretty cool place to be. But yesterday was a very different experience, which I’ll share more on later.

I wanted to quickly answer one of the questions that was posed a few times: What are my top 5 go-to apps?! So here they are, with links and a few examples…

My fab five:

HipstamaticiPhone – $1.99 + in App upgrades

These two images were captured via hipstamatic, they are “straight out of camera”, no other edits than the filter combination used for shooting.



SnapseediPhoneAndroid – FREE!

These images were edited with Snapseed. Snapseed is a very robust editor! check out my tutorial on Snapseed here. Some of the functionality has changed a little since I did this post, but there’s still a lot of great information there!


VSCO CamiPhoneAndroid – FREE w/in App upgrades

This was edited via VSCO cam. VSCO offers a handful of “film/analogue” styled filters, occasionally they will have free upgrade packs and additional packs you can purchase.


PicFXiPhone – $1.99

Picfx is filled with lots of fun filters, some crazy colours and awesome textures + effects. You can control the amount of the effect that’s applied as well stack effects on top of one another.

This image was edited with PicFX + Mextures


MexturesiPhone – $1.99

Mextures has different filter options, some colour gradients, textures and event a little grit and grain. Want to get a little dirt on your iPhone images and make it appear as if the image was created years ago, this is a fun option to play with. Like Picfx you can stack effects on top of one another. You can also use different blending modes, like “Overlay, Screen, Multiply… ” sounds like Photoshop doesn’t it?!

This image was shot with Hipstmatic and edited with VSCOcam, Mextures + Picfx.


Thanks for asking and please let me know if you have more questions!

~ kate


Popsicolor – add a little pop to your iPhoneography

I recently came across a new fun little app from the creators of Percolator, called Popsicolor. I know, I know, how many apps does a girl really need? Lots! ;)

Let’s start off by saying this app is great for a very specific look, kind of pop art, a little watercolour, vibrant and high contrast. Right now it’s only $0.99 in the US iTunes store.

The interface is pretty simple, you can shoot with the app or import a photo from your photo library. Once you bring a photo into the app, the app starts processing. Picking colours at random.

If you don’t really care for what it starts with, tap a colour square at the top of the screen or along the bottom to change the top or bottom gradient base. You can slide the colour selectors left and right to access the colours hidden from the main screen. When you tap one of the colours it starts reprocessing the image.

Tap the little paint brush to access some additional options.
Focus has three options: Minimal, Natural and Bold. Bold is a bit more vivid than the others, but I’d suggest playing around with each option to find the one that fits the image you’re working with. So far in playing with this, images that are more evenly exposed seem to have better results for me, especially with the Bold option. There’s also a remix option here which appears to give you random mixture of colour.

“Minimal Focus”

“Natural Focus”

Here’s a couple of “Bold” examples.

The little heart is your key to output options. Tap on that before you save anything so that you can choose the largest output possible.

Here’s my photo of the day today. Originally shot with Hipstamatic, then taken to Popsicolor and finished off in Percolator. Fun piece of art!