Postagram – Share your travels

When you travel do you find yourself browsing the post card racks for a cool card to send home to your family or friends? Of course you do, we love to share our journeys with them.

We share our images on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which can be a great way to share our travels, but how often do we print our images and send them to our friends and family?

Some time ago I discovered an app which allows me to create my own post cards.

The app is called Postagram. Postagram is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Within the app you can:

– Import images from your camera roll
– Create a message to the recipient
– Import your contacts from your phone to send the final postcard

You purchase “credits”, 5 credits gets you one post card mailed within the US and 10 credits gets you one post card mailed internationally. This comes to $1 or $2 respectively. Which is a ridiculously good deal.

It’s wonderful to be able to share your view of a city, a country or your home town with your family and friends. I use this app when I travel and when I want to hare images of my city with my family back east. Check it out the next time you go on the road or travel abroad, or just take a cool photo in your neighbourhood.

Enjoy and have fun!

~ kate

tutorial: appsperiment – lemon-lime

i’ve recently come across a facebook group called “appstracts“. they post a weekly theme/colour or something and members upload their images that meet the theme, or their interpretation of the theme. this week’s theme was “lemon-lime”. i created an image for the theme and realised it might make a fun tutorial. so here goes!

you can approach the theme in a couple of ways: take a photo of something that is lemon/lime in colour, take a photo of a lemon and lime or create something in that colour scheme. i opted for the latter.

starting in the saturation app, i selected a colour palette that was a good fit, there’s a visualiser within the app, so i let that roll and did a screen shot of it to capture the image below. from there i went to snapseed, to crop it square, and add one of the vintage filters, which boosts the saturation a bit.


moving into the photoartista haiku app, i added a bit of a watercolour/painterly effect. using “style abstract 04″ as a starting point and then adjusting the detail/pen and colour.


the next step was into decim8, i have a couple of filters in decim8 i really love: beam rider & spaif (you have to look at the names closely to get these spellings, as they like to use english and foreign characters in their filter names).


on to FocalLab to add a bit of blur.


and back to snapseed to boost the contrast and saturation, plus using the sharpening/structure to add a bit more detail/depth. resulting in this final image.


experiments on the iPhone can be a lot of fun… have you tried it yet?

~ kate

iphoneography tutorial: seattle aquarium

i often get the question “what app did you use to create that effect”? the answer is sometimes the same, but on occasion, as with the image images below, the answer was varied. one of the joys of mobile photography, specifically on the iPhone is the joy of hundreds, thousands of apps that you can play around with for different effects. if you have a desire or an interest in the abstract or app-stract, then you might enjoy this little app.

starting with this base image, from the iPhone4s native camera of the seattle aquarium….

iPhone4s native camera
iPhone4s native camera

i opened the image in the decim8 app. one of my fave effects within the app is “beamrider”. this app isn’t as intuitive as one might hope. but, it’s a lot of fun, so if you get the app, be sure to explore it!


after saving the image, i opened it in laminar pro. in 2012 i did a review of this app when it was called iris photo suite. they’ve done some pretty major updates, along with changing the name, but many of the same filters referenced in that post are still avaialble.

when you’re doing stuff like this, it truly is about experimentation, at least for me. with that said there are definite occasions when i’ve captured an image and i know exactly what i’m going to do to it. however, for this image, it was all about having fun. i was really drawn to this cross process effect.

laminar (formerly iris photo suite)
laminar (formerly iris photo suite)

after laminar pro, i decided to head back into the decim8 app for another round of decim8tion.

this being the final image.