Adventures in the desert of Dubai

In this workshop Kate will review elements of creating images with more meaning and intention as you explore the world. From family vacations to solo journeys, this course will inspire you to be present in the space you are in, while also capturing moments you can reflect on and share with family, friends and followers. 

Through her stories and images you will gain insight on how we can experience new places at a deeper level, through culture, history, cuisine and more.

Whether you love road tripping around the pacific northwest, or hopping a plane to the other side of the globe, you will leave this course inspired, prepared and ready to plan your next adventure!

Kate will discuss:

  • Thoughts on why we travel & why we take photos
  • Research, before you go, once you’re there, etc… 
  • Composition, the essentials and some rule breaking!
  • Understanding light and shadow
  • Creating images that convey the story of your experience
  • What’s in her bag, from cameras, lenses, tripods and more
  • Social media tips, Insta-what? Stories, Posts, etc…
  • Mobile Editing
  • Mobile Printing
  • Creating a Journal & other printed materials of your trips

Hands-On Experience

The group will head out on a mini photowalk, to explore and capture images with these ideas fresh in mind. We will then return to review images, print some selects and put together a journal of the experience. 

The printed image is a fantastic way to engage in the work you’re creating. When we look at a printed image, we slow down a little, we see more detail, it’s something truly special.

What to Bring

  • Camera, fully charged, memory card
  • Fave lens, for the kind of images we will capture something in the 23-35mm (Crop Sensor) / 35-50mm (full frame) range will be great.
  • Mobile Phone or Tablet (for quick edits and printing)
  • A way to transfer images to your mobile phone/tablet, there will be a editing/printing element. This could be the camera app to wirelessly transfer images or a card reader.
  • Notebook and Pen!
  • Water bottle or caffeine or both! 🙂 

Printing / Journal Supplies & Light Snacks will be included. 

Please download these recommended free apps for iOS or Android. We will use them for editing and printing portion of the course. 



Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 

Skill Level
This course is open to all levels of photographer, using any kind of camera from a mobile phone to a Mirrorless/DSLR.

Time Frame
This course runs between 3 – 5 hours, depending on the number of attendees.

Book it!

Interested in this workshop? Look for scheduled dates here. This workshop is also available for individuals!