Born of a conversation on Instagram, and not a fully new concept. Weekly Photography Challenges will hopefully inspire you to create images on a regular basis. 

In my years as a photographer, I’ve completed four, 365 Projects. A 365 Project is an image a day, everyday for a year. That is quite a commitment when you think about it. This can mean a variety of things, from capturing little moments in our worlds, or creating a deeper piece of art with intention and much more. 

For me, as I started these projects, I captured them all on an iPhone, of some kind. By using my phone, I thought less on the technical and focused on elements that really create a photograph: Light, Composition and Story. 
If you have an understanding of these concepts, you can create wonderful images, no matter what camera you are using. 

Goals for this group will be to provide a weekly word, topic or assignment. I’m going to mix these up, if you have ideas, please let me know! 
We will share the topic on Saturdays and feel free to post your version of it, into the topic thread, when you’re ready to share. Be sure to share by Friday! 

You can include a caption, or not, tell the story or let the image say your words. 

As we begin this journey, in truly uncertain times, hopefully we will be able to use this opportunity to look inward, become better photographers, become better artists and have some fun! 

How you can join the challenges:

Facebook Group

Weekly Photo Challenges with Kate Hailey

On Facebook we will create a post for each theme, once you’ve created your image, please add the image as a comment on this post. This will show everyone what we all captured for that week’s theme.

When Will the Challenges Be Posted?

Challenges will be posted on Saturday and give you the weekend and following week to create an image with that theme in mind. The challenge will close on the following Friday.