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Getting to Know Your Fujifilm X-Series Camera

If you’re new to the Fujifilm X Series system of cameras, you want to take this course! It is a short, but sweet dive into the buttons, dials and essential menu options you should know!

June 23, 2019 – 2PM – 4PM

$50 (or Free if you purchased your Fujifilm X Series camera at Glazer’s Camera!!)

Check out the details here: Getting to Know Your Fujifilm X Series Camera

I’ll be travelling in July, and working on some cool new things for fall!


One on One

Consider one on one, private tuition or mentoring. One on one sessions would be focused on the following areas:
Lighting: Available light, off camera flash and studio lighting
Capture One
Alien Skin’s Exposure
Workflow, from capture to editing and even printing

The joy of one on one sessions is that we can work together to create a customised, creative path for you. If you are interested in one on one mentoring please reach out to me directly at info@katehailey.com.


A little bit on Mobile Photography, on CreativeLive a few years back. This is a sampling of my “Introduction to Mobile Photography” workshop, a hands on experience, learning to embrace and explore the smart phone as a creative tool.


About Kate:

Kate Hailey is a Seattle based portrait, lifestyle & travel photographer. Kate teaches photography, lighting, portraiture, mobile photography, as well editing in programs like Adobe Lightroom. Kate has a strong love of community and networking with fellow creatives and companies.

Follow her on Instagram: @katehailey.

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