my week in iPhoneography – 13 april

Last week’s images were a wee bit on the moodier side, perhaps a couple of this week’s are as well. This week I feel like spring has really shown it’s true colours and well, sun. Yay!

Winters in Seattle can be pretty dark, with the sun rising after 7 am or so and setting by 4pm on the shortest of days. Now the sun is up at 6:30 or earlier and almost completely set around 8pm, on the longest days there’s just a bit of light until almost 10pm, it’s crazy and cool.

Day 96: A Trio of Trees, West Seattle


I love trees. even in Winter. Even when they have no leaves. I think they’re actually more interesting, you can see how the branches connect and intertwine.

iPhone5s | Plastic Bullet | Mextures

day 97: sunset.


I remember this sunset quite well, i’d not been feeling support great over the weekend and hadn’t really been outside all that much. I almost didn’t go out and shoot the sunset this day, but I kept seeing the colours changing outside my windows and I couldn’t resist.

Day 98: seattle skyline


Somedays on the morning commute I like to take the scenic route, the joy of this one is being able to pause, and capture the moment, so that I can remember it again.

iPhone5s | hipstamatic

Day 99: beach life

Processed with VSCOcam with b3 preset

The beach was actually quite busy on this day, so I opted to find a smaller group of people to frame in the image.

iPhone5s | vsco

Day 100: dandelion.

Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset

I consider myself hugely grateful to be able to live where I’m currently living, growing up in a landlocked city, you never think living near the beach could be an option, even if it’s a smaller beach area. One of the things I truly love about Seattle and the Pacific Northwest is the varied landscapes, from mountains to bays to parks and an urban environment, it really has a lot to offer. I found saw a handful of dandelions and decided to grab one and shoot it against the sunset.

iPhone5s | vscocam | mextures

Day 101: fabulous clouds + a bird

Processed with VSCOcam with 9 preset

This day was a bit more overcast, I rather enjoy the dramatic clouds. I’d taken a few images with the clouds against the water but like this one the most, well timed for sure.

iPhone5s | vscocam

Day 102: simplicity, in branches


I try to walk daily, even if it’s a little drizzly, just because it’s good for ya. When you walk around your neighbourhood, day after day, it can be challenging to find something new to see, especially when you’re doing a 365 project. This is where looking down, looking up, standing on something, sitting down, etc… come in very handy, change your perspective, look around and then capture what you see.

iPhone5s | vscocam | mextures

That’s it for this week. Look for a blog on Mextures this week, as they’ve just released a new update. Mextures has become a big part of my daily workflow, and now it offers even more!


alki beach

So if you follow my 365 project, you may be tired of seeing images of this little area, but I love it! Haha. :)

As someone who’s taken photos longer than they care to admit, I’ve accrued a few cameras. Including my favourite little digital, the Fuji X100s. I tend to love the wide angle option when I’m exploring or traveling and the compact body is easy to carry and it doesn’t feel like it’s weighing me down.

It’s been a while since I posted any images from my lil Fuji and I’ve been wanting to!






week in iphoneography – 5 April

I feel like I may already be a wee bit behind on this, but here we go.Here’s the most recent set of images in my 365 Project, including the apps used and where I captured them. This week’s images range from light to dark, with a little experimentation in between.

Day 88:
A Magnolia tree in South Lake Union
iPhone5s | Mextures | AltPhotoApp | Snapseed

I often stroll around varied locations to stretch my legs and see what I can find to photograph. You don’t see a lot of magnolia trees out here, but they do exist.


Day 89:
Spring at Alki Beach, West Seattle

Just another lovely day at the beach, very grateful that I’m able to be here!


Day 90
Sunrise from Seacrest Park, West Seattle.
iPhone5s | Hipstamatic

Man I do love the Pacific Northwest, beautiful!


Day 91
Crow, Seacrest Park, West Seattle
iPhone5s | Hipstamatic | Mextures | Camerabag

He was hanging out, as they do, probably hoping for a snack from some passerby. Instead I created his portrait.


Day 92
Cherry Blossom’s at the UW Quad, Seattle.
iPhone5s | VSCOcam

At the end of the day, the sunlight dissipated. The light was pretty flat so I opted to do a black and white conversion with a bit of contrast.


Day 93
Rainy day at the beach, Alki.
iPhone5s | Picfx | Tangent | Fragment

Overcast days aren’t always that interesting, I decided to play around with some graphical elements for this edit. Using Tangent and Fragment to simulate the rain (in a way) and add the other elements.


Day 94
Plum Blossom, Seattle
iPhone5s | VSCOcam

Blooms again, spring likes to tease us in the Pacific Northwest, you think it’s upon you and then it rains again.


Day 95
Lady Liberty, West Seattle
iPhone5s | Hipstamatic | Mextures | Alt Photo App

West Seattle has fabulous views of mountains, downtown Seattle and beyond, we even have our very own Lady Liberty.


Again some bright, light, happy images and then some moodier images. I love experimenting with the tools available on my iPhone, so much fun and it’s really opened up a new world of creativity for me!

I hear Mextures is releasing a BIG update in the next couple of weeks, once that’s out I’m planning on doing a tutorial on how I use Mextures in my workflow.

And if you have the Starbucks app, go to your messages and check to see if you can download Picfx, it’s their app of the week the past week.

Have fun!

~ kate