Escape to Oregon

The world is filled with varied and great landscapes. Currently I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the US, at least to me, the Pacific Northwest. From evergreen trees to waterways to mountains the beauty around me never ceases to amaze.

This past weekend I did a day trip, with a few friends to Oregon, just outside Portland. We met up with a larger group at Rooster Rock State Park for a little picnic. While there we decided to check out Crown Point State Park to see an amazing view of the Columbia River.




These views reminded me of the Harry Potter films, beautiful vistas for miles. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check it out. You won’t regret it!

Images captured with the Fuji X100s and edited with Lightroom.

Postagram – Share your travels

When you travel do you find yourself browsing the post card racks for a cool card to send home to your family or friends? Of course you do, we love to share our journeys with them.

We share our images on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which can be a great way to share our travels, but how often do we print our images and send them to our friends and family?

Some time ago I discovered an app which allows me to create my own post cards.

The app is called Postagram. Postagram is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Within the app you can:

- Import images from your camera roll
- Create a message to the recipient
- Import your contacts from your phone to send the final postcard

You purchase “credits”, 5 credits gets you one post card mailed within the US and 10 credits gets you one post card mailed internationally. This comes to $1 or $2 respectively. Which is a ridiculously good deal.

It’s wonderful to be able to share your view of a city, a country or your home town with your family and friends. I use this app when I travel and when I want to hare images of my city with my family back east. Check it out the next time you go on the road or travel abroad, or just take a cool photo in your neighbourhood.

Enjoy and have fun!

~ kate

Road Trip: Washington to Montana

Summertime is here, in full swing with warmer days, sun rays and road trips. A good friend of mine was heading to Montana with her family for a few days and I was able to join them.

Montana is just about two states east from Washington, it may not seem that far, but the states in the west of the US are wide, with this in mind I opted to do the drive east over a couple of days. This would allow me to make those stops that us photographer’s want to take.

One of the great places to make a stop is Wild Horses Monument in Eastern Washington, it has a view of the Columbia River and this fabulous sculpture of horses.



Parts of Idaho are filled with Evergreens, just like parts of Washington and Montana.

Photo Jul 03, 10 47 04 AM

Part of the journey included an afternoon at Glacier National Park. Now this is a HUGE park, so one day means you can’t really do the exploration you’d like to. I could see going back to Montana and trying to spend a couple of days in the park. These handful of photos display only a portion of what the park has to offer.

Photo Jul 08, 10 27 14 PM (HDR)



On the way home I passed these amazing hills with clouds of perfection in the sky.


Photo Jul 06, 9 57 55 AM

It’s quite beautiful, the land, the skies, the rivers and lakes. It’s easy to miss these things in the hustle and bustle of our lives, so take a break, and see the world around you. :)

~ kate

photographer. educator. seattle.