Today I slept in, and by sleeping in I mean I didn’t wake up until around 7:30. 🙂

It was a day of relaxation for the most part. I had some fantastic Eggs Bennie from Meander‘s with a couple of friends. Then I spent my afternoon in West Seattle. Originally I was there to scope out a possible new place to live. But took advantage of the lovely, sunny day to take some photos and hang out with my friend Matt at Alki Beach.

Matt is a gem and let’s me take portraits of him with the wonderful Hipstamatic Tintype Lens/Film combo:

Matt 4

Matt 3

Matt 2


How pretty was the day?

views of water

seagull and a girl

lady liberty

And there were some characters too…

pink panther

lady with style

beach goers

And one last image of Lady Liberty.

lady liberty again

All images were taken with my trusty iPhone4s with the native camera or Hipstamatic. No additional edits.

How did you spend your Sunday??