In my time as a photographer I’ve photographed just about everything. My primary passions are in Portraiture and Travelling, but I have a another photographing food. Over the years I’ve dabbled in the realm of food photography, whether capturing my own creations from the kitchen or capturing those of others.

Recently I had the opportunity to lead a short, but sweet, Introduction to Food Photography workshop with Glazer’s Camera. My ambitions were high, from the attendees getting a review of essential tips on things to consider when photographing food, to creating their own plates to photograph as well photograph some new menu items from the Fall menu at High Tide, within the Collective. Whew that’s a long sentence, but we had a lot!

Along with all of that we had a representive from Fujifilm who had cases of cameras and lenses for attendees to try. I also brought in some lighting from Phottix.

The Collective offers a beautiful setting for photography and well the vibe is just so comfortable, the High Tide space is a blend of a restaurant/bar, workspace, chill space and much more. This was a great opportunity to highlight some of their new menu items and have a fabulous place to show off within those images.

Getting into the images….

A goal as a food photographer should always be:

Did you make someone hungry?

Do they want to eat what you photographed?

If the answer is yes, you’ve done your job.

A couple of tips to consider

Angle of light

I typically suggest from above or the side, light from below just looks weird. Try it and you will see what I’m talking about. Unless you have light from below and are filling it in with a reflector, that can work, but my go-to is from above or the side.


Try capturing the plate or dish or table from above, then from the side.

These options give you a short series of images that tell the story of that place or potentially the plate in that space…

A big thanks to

The Collective for providing amazing food, environment and general awesomeness.

Fujifilm US for providing cameras and lenses for people to try out.

I am working on 2019 planning for now, which will definitely include more workshops with Glazer’s Camera. Be sure to follow my workshops page or head over to Glazer’s Workshops for other awesome workshops in Seattle.